Hygge Ultrasonic Diffuser

Hygge Ultrasonic Diffuser


Hygge (n): a danish word used to describe a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that provokes a feeling of contentment or well-being.

The modern, aesthetically pleasing hygge ultrasonic diffuser is a great way to disperse your desired Extract essential oil, or blend. An ultrasonic transducer transforms water and essential oils into a cool mist that preserves the oils' health benefits and humidifies the room.


  • 1 hygge ulstrasonic diffuser + 1 AC power adapter.

  • Diffusion: ultrasonic.

  • Continuous diffusion for up to +6 hours.

  • Optional soft, white light.

  • Modern, simple design.

  • Automatic safety shutoff.

  • 1400 ml water capacity.

  • Coverage: Up to 400 SF.

  • Size: 7” x 5”

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