Thank you for the love! 

"Our family is LOVING extract essentials oils!  These oils are top of the line in regards to quality and smell.  My children can't go a night with out that lavender applied to the bottom of their feet and we constantly have the blends diffusing through our house.  If you are looking for high quality oils at a great price, definitely check out extract essentials!  Excellent customer service and fast shipping!!"


"We used the HUSH oil blend in our son's room last night and he slept from 8pm-7:30am without waking up (usually he wakes up around 5:30a for a bottle). Another 2 hour nap this morning/afternoon. Hope I'm not jinxing it but this stuff is amazing." 

"So, I was new to the whole oils thing, but better late than never, right? I'm a sucker for anything described as "small batch" and "no bs." Turns out my hippy-dippy, holistic mom would be proud because I've been diffusing the Eucalyptus and Happy Home blends daily, and using the Peppermint oil to keep the bugs away. Oh, and my oils were delivered the day after I ordered, so (insert fist bump emoji) for customer service! XO"

"We did a blind smell test  comparing your oils to DoTerra... Extract oils won every test!"

“The tea tree for bug bites is amazing! Just swabbed all of my sons bites and he is sound alseep. Normally this would have been a LONG night.”  

“I have been diffusing Hippie’s Heart blend all weekend and I’m in love. I brought it with me on a work trip and I swear it kept me sane and headache free!”